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What is it?
Our free website creation system powers free wiki websites that are available to anyone and easy to use. Creating a wiki is as simple as 1-2-3, so anyone can start a free wiki website they can then share with their family, friends, and the friends they haven't even met...yet

Starting is Easy
Start by choosing what topic you want your site to be about, then pick from a variety of site styles, whether you want your wiki to be public or private, and who you want to contribute (everyone, or just a few friends?).

Building is a Snap
Once your site is launched, adding content is easy with the EasyEdit Toolbar. You'll see that editing your wiki page works very much like a word processor: You can "click" on any open page and start typing. Even better, you can also add photos, YouTube videos, polls . . . it's all as simple as "click and type".

Join in the Fun
Not ready to start your own free wiki site? No worries...try it right now and search for a wiki that's right for you. (We're pretty sure there's something for out there for you; people just like you have started more than 500,000 wikis.) Join today!

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